Sukha, a Joy of life

Sukha Amsterdam is a cosy warehouse in the centre of Amsterdam and well known for her eco-friendly mindset. Practically all the items we sell have a sustainable background, are Dutch designed or produced and all carefully selected.

Sukha has an outspoken preference for handcraft, unique items and labels. Most products are created in small quantities some of which are produced by the Atelier Sukha label. Visiting the Sukha store is a wonderful experience with one-off poems and doodles that put a smile on your face. Continue Reading →

We wrote the poem

….now it’s up to you to seal it with a kiss and send it to your loved ones.
Who doesn’t like getting a postcard, we know we do : )

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The Shopkeepers Home

This book is a must have for interior addicts, we’re hooked!
You can order your copy here

Atelier Sukha notebooks & boxes

Atelier Sukha isn’t all cotton and wool, we like a bit of drawing too. These sketches are made for new notebooks and boxes. Soon available in our webshop and at Sukha-Amsterdam.

Sukha Poems

Today Atelier Sukha is having a day off, but on Monday they go back to their drawing board, designing new products for you and me : )
Stay tuned as they’ll post some more pics on their blog pretty soon.
Wishing you a lovely day!

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Knock on wood!

Now available at Sukha, Atelier’s be-all and end-all : ) wooden bowls & plates. Continue Reading →

Celebrate Dutch Sustainability Day

By swapping your plastic bag for a sustainable cotton one.
Our little, or big, green bag is available online and in store.
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It’s a new day and the sun is out.

Get your brand new bag and let’s enjoy a day outside!
PHILOMIJN FW15 is now available at Sukha.

Breakfast is served

Get some kitchen inspiration by adding Kitchen Kulture to your booklist.
Bon appetit!

WoolWeek 2015

Who knits your cardigan that keeps you warm during Autumn days and who knits your favorite scarf you can’t live without.
Learn all about our Nepali knitters during Wool Week from 12 until 18 October at Sukha!

Photography by Sevilay Maria van Dorst

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New products

Atelier Sukha has been busy developing new products. Pretty soon these goodies will be available at Sukha. But first they all had their picture taken. And they are pretty photogenic, if we may say so : )

Sukha and tipi’s … sorry : )

Get your hands on Sukha’s newest addiction ‘The new Nomads, temporary spaces and a life on the move’. This book presents temporary architecture, flexible room and furniture concepts and tools for a generation that feels at home in every corner of the globe.

Lazy Sunday breakfast?

Don’t worry about the dishes, we got enough new tableware by Atelier Sukha : )

Available at Sukha Amsterdam and soon online.

Rue Blanche

We got in a whole new bunch of Rue Blanche @ Sukha Amsterdam

Atelier Sukha Pottery

Lazy Sunday, breakfast in bed.
Good morning, wishing you a lovely day!

Available at Sukha Amsterdam, soon available online.

Poem poem on the wall …

She is back, she is new and she is here to stay.
Wishing you all a happy day!


Blanket Vivian

Put her on your couch, take her to the park and let her join your picnic or bring her with you on holiday. Atelier Sukha’s blanket Vivian likes your company, she feels at home wherever you are.

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Spoonbag Koen

Spoonbag Koen likes to hangout in the kitchen, but on days like these he loves to crash the picknick : ) Koen is pictured in the latest edition of VT-Wonen.

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Coconut lights

Shorter days and longer nights are upon us, but Sukha got a remedy!
Our coconut lights are back in stock : )

Atelier Sukha @ The Society Inc

It’s no secret that we at Sukha are a big fan of Sibella Court and her Society Inc. We read all her books from front to back and vice versa. She visited our store once, not knowing that this one time encounter would lead into something really nice. Atelier Sukha is sold at The Society Inc’s warehouse and webstore. We are over the moon! : )

HelloFashion – Monique van Heist @ Sukha Amsterdam

The statement coat is here to stay.
Moniquevanheist FW15 has arrived at Sukha.
Oh how we are longing for Fall right now : )


Cardigan Uma

The ultimate Fall cardigan is back in stock.
Fall in love with Uma.

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No caption needed, does it?
This huggable Humanoid lammy coat is waiting for a cuddle at Sukha.

Atelier Sukha – Scarf Lazy

Can I hang lazy around your neck? Then you can borrow my pockets, warm huh?

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Atelier Sukha – Sapana Daybed

Sneak peek at Atelier Sukha’s headquarter : )
Today we’re having a day-off, but on Monday we hit back to our drawing board designing some new products for you.
Stay tuned as we’ll post some more pics on our blog pretty soon.
Wishing you a lovely and lazy day!

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New Atelier Sukha goodies

The last few months we have been busy developing new goodies and yesterday loads of them arrived at our atelier. Hereby just a little sneak peek from our photoshoot. We’ll keep you posted as soon as these products hit our webshop.
It’s a wrap! Enjoy your day!



A shirt-making tradition in the blood, a tailoring culture, a passion for materials and painstaking attention to detail.  Soft, delicate models, with carefully crafted, clean-cut lines that are both contemporary and romantic. Meet Pomandère at Sukha Amsterdam

Our favorite weather and our favorite hat…

Well one of our favorite Atelier Sukha hats but still our favorite weather.

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We couldn’t choose…

so all four garlands ended up in Atelier Sukha’s celebration box.

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We’re back from our journey and we had a blast!

Now back to work … but not today : )
Leaving you this lazy Sunday with our latest blog post.
Enjoy your day!

VT Wonen August

A few of our products are pictured on VT-Wonen’s website.
Let’s stay in and order a blanket : ) 

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Blanket Sasha

Our blanket Sasha comes in handy for covering up when evenings get a bit chillier. Make yourself a cup of tea and wrap up on the couch.
Just lovely and for sale at Sukha-Amsterdam.

Sukha Swing

The Atelier Sukha swing is pictured in the latest edition of Dutch magazine Libelle.
Visit our webstore or swing by Sukha-Amsterdam for a zensational sway : )

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VT Wonen

A few of our products are pictured in the latest edition of VT-Wonen.
Together with the sun this just made our day : )
Enjoy yours!

Atelier Sukha’s poem-fairy has been a busy bee.

She updated our ‘map of poems’ with eight new postcards and Sukha-Amsterdam got a new window. Oh boy oh boy what a poetry joy : )

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Eva Schreuder

If you love it, put a frame on it.
Welcome to Eva Schreuder’s petit museum.

Spring is is the air…. and than it started to snow : )

We did it, in just 2 days we turned Sukha into a fresh white and crispy new spot. A big thank you to all the people who helped us refreshing our little warehouse. We’ll try to keep it tidy : )

Welcome! Irene

CT coffee & coconuts

CT Coffee and Coconuts, formerly known as Ceintuur Theater, will open her doors. And while you have breakfast and drink your coffee have a look at the pillows, benches and tables… They do look familiar, don’t they?
Please check for more details and most of all enjoy this lovely new breakfast, lunch and dinner spot! Continue Reading →

Eivissa Food…

A cookbook with the best restaurants and recipes for all you Ibiza lovers.

Cardigan Indie

She’s pretty recalcitrant this Miss Independent and a ‘roll up your sleeves’ type. She loves layering, but actually she doesn’t need that as she’s already a heater herself.

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Atelier Sukha – Scarf Indie

Independent, individual style and unique sounds like music to my ears. But in the meantime I am actually very affectionate, so let’s create a style together.


Atelier Sukha – Cardigan Jade long

Put me on and never leave me, put your hands in my pockets and let’s be incredible lazy together.


Hang in there..

Atelier Sukha’s Lazy blanket now available.

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We are building our own atelier!

We are thrilled to let you know that Sukha will open her own creative workspace Spring 2015 in Amsterdam.
In our new atelier we will be developing new items for Sukha, so mind the sheep when you visit us. We can’t wait to open our doors, but we are not quite finished with the renovations, as you can see…

Stay tuned and keep warm! Continue Reading →

For the little minimalist

Organic apparel for the little minimalist. Gray Label is an Amsterdam based label, for babies and kids aged zero-six. Continue Reading →

In the spotlight, our jack-of-all-trades

The man who knows how to handle a hammer, who fixes our light balls and who gives Sukha’s vintage furniture a new life.
Meet Gerard, Irene’s dad

Atelier Sukha has arrived, time to Fall in love:)

For instance with Miss Gypsy, this handmade beauty from 100% merino wool comes in white, stone green and light grey.


The Outsiders

Let’s go outside
New in, ‘The Outsiders’, a love affair with nature. Continue Reading →

Sukha proudly presents ‘Dutch Folklore’ by Petra Lunenburg.

Besides this beauty we got in several original drawings, screenprints and postcards.

Atelier Sukha Swing

For sale at Sukha and online, the Atelier Sukha Swing!
Available in different heights… and not only for kids 
Swing by for a test swing!

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Sukha Shopper

To carry all your lovelies with you. Wherever you go.

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Atelier Sukha – Blanket Indie

On the bench, sipping your tea, reading your book, me oh so lazy. Picture that… ah can I come live with you?

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