Sukha, a Joy of life

Sukha-Amsterdam is a cosy warehouse in the centre of Amsterdam and well known for her eco-friendly mindset. Practically all the items we sell have a sustainable background, are Dutch designed or produced and all carefully selected.

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Hat over heels : )

New at Sukha Amsterdam:

Yellow 108 is a Los Angeles based headwear company specializing in sustainable hats and accessories made from salvaged and recycled materials. Salvaged = Saved. Continue Reading →

HelloFashion – Monique van Heist @ Sukha Amsterdam

hellofashion is a continuous collection of ‘moniquevanheist-classics’, set up to challenge the fashion system. This over time expanding collection of garments, accessories and lifestyle products like furniture and recipes is available for unlimited time. Every six months, the collection is presented in a seasonal edition, exploring the classic shapes in new colors and materials.

Hurray! It’s our 3rd birthday

Here’s a huge thank you to all of you, we couldn’t have done any of this without you!
Love from all of us at Sukha



Too little, too late Mr. Winter, Miss Summer has arrived at Sukha!
Humanoid’s latest collection is absolutely ravishing!

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Denk elke dag aan drie leuke, grappige of fijne dingen en vertrouw ze toe aan deze kalender. Zo maak je van de kleinste dingen mooie en bijzondere herinneringen.

Vosgesparis: Stars & Paper Art at Sukha

All new pictures from Sukha Amsterdam Did you notice there is no colour at all beside all the beautiful shades of white, grey, a little black and naturals! Just how I like it… Continue Reading →


Wie wel eens bij Sukha is geweest herinnert zich vast en zeker ons doek met het gedicht ‘handwerk’. We hebben Barbara van den Berg, onze illustratie-fee, gevraagd ‘handwerk’ en nog 3 andere gedichten om te toveren naar een gangbaar formaat. Vanaf nu kan iedereen zeggen, ik heb een Sukha aan de muur.

Atelier Sukha – Indie Cardigan

She’s pretty recalcitrant this Miss Independent and a ‘roll up your sleeves’ type. She loves layering, but actually she doesn’t need that as she’s already a heater herself.

Atelier Sukha – Indie Scarf

Independent, individual style and unique sounds like music to my ears. But in the meantime I am actually very affectionate, so let’s create a style together.

Atelier Sukha – Paper Birds

They have traveled a long way, from the Himalayas to Amsterdam and they are looking for a quiet spot to nest…

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Atelier Sukha has arrived, time to Fall in love:)

For instance with Miss Gypsy, this handmade beauty from 100% merino wool comes in white, stone green and light grey.

Eva Schreuder

Eva Schreuder created a wall covered with jewelry boxes filled with her unique pieces of jewelry. Of course all for sale… but please handle with care :) Continue Reading →

Atelier Sukha 100% Wool

Scarves, blankets and cardigans all handmade from the finest wool and proudly presented by the women in Nepal.

For the little minimalist

Organic apparel for the little minimalist. Gray Label is an Amsterdam based label, for babies and kids aged zero-six. Continue Reading →

L:A Bruket

New at Sukha Amsterdam: L:A Bruket. An originally Swedish brand excelling in ecological, handmade soap and spa products. Scrub, moisturize and – most of all – restore your skin with its raw ingredients such as lavender, rosemary and essential oils.